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The Kubios HRV mobile application offers two powerful measurement modes for heart rate variability (HRV) assessments. The Readiness Measurement mode offers accurate HRV based assessment of physiological recovery and readiness. The Custom Measurement mode is designed for researchers and professionals for diverse HRV recordings. Pair the app with your Bluetooth HR sensor and start your HRV journey.

Kubios HRV App

App Features

  • Supported Sensors: Bluetooth HR sensor is required for HRV measurements. We recommend Polar H10 and Verity Sense sensors, as the app is powered by Polar SDK. Explore other supported sensors and find solutions for connection issues in our FAQ section.
  • Readiness Measurement mode: Designed for athletes and individuals monitoring physiological recovery and daily readiness. If you’re a coach, checkout the new Kubios HRV Team Readiness software and start optimizing the performance and well-being of your team.
  • Custom  Measurement mode: Ideal for researchers, health and wellness professionals, and sport scientists performing diverse HRV recordings. Empower your Polar HR sensor to record RR/IBI, ECG, or PPG data. Note that a Kubios HRV Scientific license is required for storing and accessing your custom measurement data.

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