Kubios HRV Premium

Kubios HRV Scientific 4.0 (the next generation of Kubios HRV Premium) have been released on 30.9.2022 and updates as well as maintenance extensions for Kubios HRV Premium have been thereby discontinued. Kubios HRV Premium users whose license maintenance is up to date can use the new software version for a limited time (depending on the length of the maintenance period). We have contacted all those Kubios HRV Premium license owners in October 2022 by email,  providing details how to start using the new software version. If you have any questions, you can contact us at sales@kubios.com.

New features available in Kubios HRV Scientific include support for Kubios HRV mobile app measurements, training data analysis, and ECG waveform analysis. The new version also supports small animal HRV analysis.

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