Kubios HRV Premium is a full featured HRV analysis software for scientific research and professional use. Compatible with several third-party HR monitors, ECG and PPG devices.

Kubios HRV Premium


  • Kubios cloud support, access your data from Kubios HRV App (coming soon…)
  • Compatible with several third-party HR, ECG and PPG devices (including direct export of RR data from Polar Flow)
  • Accurate QRS and pulse wave detection
  • Automatic noise detection and beat correction algorithms
  • Analyze your data at defined time intervals or perform time-varying analysis to assess HRV time trends
  • Detailed HRV analysis with over 40 time-domain, frequency-domain, and nonlinear analysis parameters (including indices for parasympathetic and sympathetic activities)
  • Instantaneous estimates for energy expenditure and training impulse (TRIMP)
  • Respiration rate estimate for exercise physiology, accurate RSA analysis, and resonance frequency assessment
  • Detailed reporting options (CSV, PDF, MAT and “SPSS friendly” batch file exports)

Kubios HRV Premium
385 USD
or 340 EUR (excluding VAT)

Software license including license maintenance for the first 12-months period. One license allows you to install and use the software on one computer

License maintenance (1-year)
77 USD
or 68 EUR (excluding VAT)

During the maintenance period you have access to software updates, technical support, and you can transfer the license to a new computer once per year.

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Operating system

  • Windows (7 SP1, 10 or 11), macOS (Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur), and Linux. 64-bit operating systems only.


  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Analyze specific time periods (analysis samples) or the whole recording using time-varying analysis
  • Save results in PDF, CSV, “SPSS friendly” CSV and Matlab MAT formats.

Supported data formats and devices

  • Kubios Cloud support, access your data from Kubios HRV app (coming soon…)
  • IBI/RR data files: FIT format and custom formatted text and CSV files
  • Direct export from Polar Flow (RR data from any Polar Flow compatible watch when used with H6, H7 or H10 sensor)
  • ECG/PPG data files: EDF/EDF+, Cardiology XML, ISHNE Holter ECG, Biopac ACQ3, Physionet MIT, and custom formatted text and CSV files
  • Supported devices: Polar, Garmin and Suunto HR monitors, Actiheart 5, AliveCor Kardia, Biopac, Bittium Faros, Empatica E4, emWave, Firstbeat Bodyguard, Mindfield MindMaster, Shimmer, Zephyr BioHarness and several clinical Holter and ECG monitors.


  • Accurate QRS and pulse wave detection
  • Noise detection algorithm with adjustable sensitivity
  • Automatic beat correction algorithm for correcting missed, extra and misaligned beats from RR interval data1
  • Optimal trend removal from RR data for short-term HRV analysis3

Analysis features

  • Analyze your data at defined time intervals (unlimited number of analysis samples can be defined) or perform time-varying analysis for the whole recording
  • Proprietary indexes for parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activities
  • Time-domain parameters: Mean RR, SDNN, RMSSD, pNN50, HRV triangular index, TINN, HR deceleration (DC) and acceleration capacity (AC) etc.
  • Frequency-domain parameters: VLF, LF and HF band powers, peak frequencies and LF/HF ratio
  • Nonlinear parameters: Poincare plot (SD1, SD2, and SD2/SD1), ApEn, SampEn, Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA), Recurrence plot analysis (RPA), and Multiscale entropy (MSE)
  • Time-varying spectral analysis (spectrogram) to assess time trends in frequency-domain HRV parameters (LF and HF powers, LF/HF ratio)
  • Time-varying analysis to assess time trends for time-domain and nonlinear HRV parameters
  • Respiration rate estimation for exercise physiology, accurate respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) analysis, and individual resonance frequency assessment
  • Instantaneous estimation of energy expenditure (EE, kcal/min) and training impulse (TRIMP/min) based on beat-to-beat HR data.

Reports and results export

  • ECG printout option for printing the ECG signal (single lead) on a standard paper ECG layout
  • PDF report of analysis results
  • HRV analysis results export in CSV and Matlab MAT file formats
  • “SPSS friendly” batch file export (ideal for group analyses or repeated measures).
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