Kubios HRV Scientific Lite

Kubios HRV Scientific Lite is a free heart rate variability (HRV) analysis software with limited functionality and for non-commercial use only. The software supports data from heart rate monitors and computes commonly used time-domain and frequency-domain HRV parameters.

Software features

  • Supports RR data from HR monitors (Polar, Suunto, Garmin)
  • Computes commonly used time- and frequency-domain HRV parameters
  • Analysis results can be exported in CSV and PDF format
  • How the Lite Version differs from the Full VersionLite vs. Full Version

*The brochure, user’s guide, and video tutorials pertain to the full version of the Kubios HRV Scientific.

Kubios HRV Scientific

The gold-standard heart rate variability analysis software

A single user subscription license (1-year subscription) including access to Kubios HRV mobile app data, software updates, and technical support. One license allows you to use Kubios HRV Scientific on one computer at a time. For Windows (Win 10 or 11, 64-bit) and macOS (Monterey, Ventura, or Sonoma).

Lite Version

Kubios HRV Scientific Lite – Free HRV analysis software with limited functionality and for non-commercial use only (see License Agreement). A single user subscription license.



Full Version

Kubios HRV Scientific

Upgrade to our full featured HRV analysis software for the most powerful HRV analysis on the market.

Have questions or need a quote for the full version? Contact us at


Lite vs. Full Version

Kubios HRV ScientificLite VersionFull Version
Operating systemWin & macOS (64-bit)Win & macOS (64-bit)
Kubios HRV mobile app (access your data in Kubios Cloud)
• Readiness measurements
• Custom measurements (ECG/RRI/PPG/PPI/ACC & markers)
Supported data and devices (see list of supprted devices)
• HR mnitors (RRI or PPI data)
• Direct export from Polar Flow (RR data and lap markers)
• ECG devices (raw ECG waveform data)
• PPG devices (raw pulse waveform data)
• Animal HRV data supported (mouse, rat, pig, dog)
• Built-in beat detector for ECG and PPG data
• Automatic noise detection (manual editing also supported)
• Manual beat correction (edit ECG/PPG beat detections)
• Threshold based beat correction
• Automatic beat correction (validated accuracy)*
• Optimal trend removal from HRV data*
HRV analysis features
• View extra data channels to guide HRV analysis
• Analyze specified time periods (analysis samples)
• Analysis sample precoding
• Time-varying analysis of the whole recording
• PNS and SNS indexes
• Standard HRV parameters
• Additional HRV parameters
• Respiratory rate (RESP) estimate*
Other analysis features
• ECG waveform analysis (QRS duration, QT & QTc, etc.)
• ANS function analysis (Valsalva ratio, HR response to deep breathing, 30:15 ratio etc.) NEW
• Training data analysis (HR, RESP, TRIMP, VT*, VO2 and HRR)
Reports and results export
• HRV analysis (PDF | CSV | SPSS friendly CSV) | | | |
• ECG waveform analysis (PDF | CSV | SPSS friendly CSV) | | | |
• ANS function analysis (PDF | CSV) NEW | |
• Training data analysis (PDF | CSV) | |
• ECG printout in standard paper ECG layout (PDF)
• Analysis session backup (Matlab MAT export)
• PDF report localization and branding NEW
(Prices are excluding sales tax, VAT or GST)Non-commercial use ony(Academic license: 380$)

*Kubios HRV validation papers are available at: kubios.com/publications/