free heart rate variability (HRV) analysis software

Kubios HRV Scientific Lite is a free heart rate variability (HRV) analysis software with limited functionality and for non-commercial use only. The software supports data from heart rate monitors and computes commonly used time-domain and frequency-domain HRV parameters.

Software features

  • Supports RR data from HR monitors (Polar, Suunto, Garmin)
  • Computes commonly used time- and frequency-domain HRV parameters
  • Analysis results can be exported in CSV and PDF format
  • How the Lite Version differs from the Full VersionLite vs. Full Version

*The brochure, user’s guide, and video tutorials pertain to the full version of the Kubios HRV Scientific.

Kubios HRV Scientific

The gold-standard heart rate variability analysis software

A single user subscription license (1-year subscription) including access to Kubios HRV mobile app data, software updates, and technical support. One license allows you to use Kubios HRV Scientific on one computer at a time. For Windows (Win 10 or 11, 64-bit) and macOS (Monterey, Ventura, or Sonoma).

Lite Version

Kubios HRV Scientific Lite – Free HRV analysis software with limited functionality and for non-commercial use only (see License Agreement). A single user subscription license.



Full Version

Heart rate variability (HRV) software for scientific research and professional use

Upgrade to our full featured HRV analysis software for the most powerful HRV analysis on the market.

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Lite vs. Full Version

Kubios HRV ScientificLite VersionFull Version
Operating systemWin & macOS (64-bit)Win & macOS (64-bit)
Kubios HRV mobile app (access your data in Kubios Cloud)
• Readiness measurements
• Custom measurements (ECG/RRI/PPG/PPI/ACC & markers)
Supported data and devices (see list of supprted devices)
• HR mnitors (RRI or PPI data)
• Direct export from Polar Flow (RR data and lap markers)
• ECG devices (raw ECG waveform data)
• PPG devices (raw pulse waveform data)
• Animal HRV data supported (mouse, rat, pig, dog)
• Built-in beat detector for ECG and PPG data
• Automatic noise detection (manual editing also supported)
• Manual beat correction (edit ECG/PPG beat detections)
• Threshold based beat correction
• Automatic beat correction (validated accuracy)*
• Optimal trend removal from HRV data*
HRV analysis features
• View extra data channels to guide HRV analysis
• Analyze specified time periods (analysis samples)
• Analysis sample precoding
• Time-varying analysis of the whole recording
• PNS and SNS indexes
• Standard HRV parameters
• Additional HRV parameters
• Respiratory rate (RESP) estimate*
Other analysis features
• ECG waveform analysis (QRS duration, QT & QTc, etc.)
• ANS function analysis (Valsalva ratio, HR response to deep breathing, 30:15 ratio etc.)
• Training data analysis (HR, RESP, TRIMP, VT*, VO2 and HRR)
Reports and results export
• HRV analysis (PDF | CSV | SPSS friendly CSV) | | | |
• ECG waveform analysis (PDF | CSV | SPSS friendly CSV) | | | |
• ANS function analysis (PDF | CSV) | |
• Training data analysis (PDF | CSV) | |
• ECG printout in standard paper ECG layout (PDF)
• Analysis session backup (Matlab MAT export)
(Prices are excluding sales tax, VAT or GST)Non-commercial use ony(Academic license: 380$)

*Kubios HRV validation papers are available at: kubios.com/publications/