Kubios HRV Standard

Kubios HRV Standard is a freeware heart rate variability (HRV) analysis software for non-commercial personal use. The software supports data from heart rate monitors and computes commonly used time-domain and frequency-domain HRV parameters.


  • Supports RR data from HR monitors (Polar, Suunto, Garmin)
  • Computes commonly used time- and frequency-domain HRV parameters
  • Analysis results can be exported in CSV and PDF format

Kubios HRV Standard

Kubios HRV Standard (ver. 3.5) for Windows (64-bit Win 7 SP1,10 or 11) or macOS (Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur). An individual license for personal, non-commercial use only.

Upgrade to Premium

our full featured HRV analysis software

  • Support for ECG and PPG data
  • Automatic noise detection and beat correction algorithms
  • The most detailed HRV analysis in the market, including time-varying analysis
  • Estimation of respiration rate, energy expenditure and training impulse
  • Detailed reporting options (CSV, PDF, MAT and “SPSS friendly” batch file)

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Operating system

  • Windows (7 SP1, 10 or 11), macOS (Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur), and Linux. 64-bit operating systems only.


  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Analyze specific time periods (analysis samples)
  • Save results in PDF and CSV formats.

Supported data formats and devices

  • IBI/RR data files: FIT format and custom formatted text and CSV files
  • Supported devices: Polar, Garmin and Suunto HR monitors.


  • Threshold based beat correction
  • Optimal trend removal from RR data for short-term HRV analysis2.

Analysis features

  • Analyze your data at defined time intervals
  • Proprietary indexes for parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activities
  • Time-domain parameters: Mean RR, SDNN, RMSSD, pNN50, HRV triangular index, TINN
  • Frequency-domain parameters: VLF, LF and HF band powers, peak frequencies and LF/HF ratio
  • Nonlinear parameters: Poincare plot (SD1, SD2, and SD2/SD1), ApEn, SampEn, Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA).

Reports and results export

  • PDF report of analysis results
  • HRV analysis results export in CSV text file.
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