Meet Kubios HRV Team Readiness – the cutting-edge heart rate variability (HRV) based readiness monitoring software. Tailored for sports and wellness professionals coaching athletes or guiding individuals through lifestyle interventions and occupational stress, this advanced tool elevates your coaching strategies with precise HRV insights. Harnessing the gold-standard HRV analysis of Kubios, it empowers you to optimize the performance and well-being of your team. Beyond its impact in sports and wellness, Kubios HRV Team Readiness also proves invaluable for research, providing researchers with robust HRV data collection and analytics over their study populations.

Kubios HRV Team Readiness

Software Features

  • Easy Team Setup and Management: Create teams and invite members to join, manage your teams and member roles.
  • Complimentary Mobile App: Members can utilize the free Kubios HRV app for daily readiness measurements and subjective feeling scoring (Bluetooth HR sensor required).
  • Validated Analytics: Assess members’ physiological readiness with the readiness index (0-100%), explore detailed HRV analytics, and benefit from a reliable respiratory rate estimate. Validated beat correction and baseline removal algorithms enhance data reliability.
  • Detailed Readiness Monitoring: Monitor the readiness of Individual members and the team as a whole, observe acute and chronic fatigue assessments, and track HRV trends for comprehensive stress and recovery insights.

Kubios HRV Team Readiness

Heart rate variability (HRV) based monitoring of physiological readiness for sports and wellness professionals. Optimize the performance and well-being of your team through the gold-standard HRV analysis of Kubios. The team dashboard is available for Windows (Win 10 or 11) and macOS (Monterey, Ventura, or Sonoma).

Choose your plan below, or contact us for quote or pricing for larger team sizes

To install or use the Kubios HRV Team Readiness software, you must agree with the terms and conditions outlined in the License Agreement.


Kubios HRV
Team Readiness S

for small teams
(max 10 members)


360 USD
336 EUR

/year + sales tax, VAT or GST

Includes 1 Team Admin license


Kubios HRV
Team Readiness M

for medium-sized teams
(max 25 members)


780 USD
720 EUR

/year + sales tax, VAT or GST

1 Team Admin and 1 Team Manager license


Kubios HRV
Team Readiness L

for large teams
(max 50 members)


1260 USD
1200 EUR

/year + sales tax, VAT or GST

1 Team Admin and 2 Team Manager licenses + API access available as an optional add-on

NOTE: Prices above are excluding taxes. You can enter your tax exemption, VAT or GST number at checkout page to remove sales tax.