Interested in integrating Kubios HRV algorithms into your application?

Kubios HRV analysis service is a solution for you if you want to integrate Kubios HRV analysis, the gold-standard heart rate variability analysis algorithms validated in hundreds of scientific studies, into your application. We currently offer three different services which are described below. 

1) Kubios Readiness Analytics: The service offers detailed HRV analysis from short interbeat interval (IBI) recordings. By using the service, you can easily integrate Kubios HRV algorithms, the gold-standard HRV analysis algorithms validated in hundreds of scientific studies, into your health, wellness or sports application. The service offers accurate pre-processing and detailed HRV analysis. Supported HRV parameters include individual readiness index, PNS and SNS indexes, mean RR, RMSSD, SDNN, LF and HF powers, and respiration rate. Visit product page for more information.

readiness analytics

2) Kubios Sport and Exercise Analytics: This analysis service offers detailed performance analytics and heart rate recovery for different types of training or exercise sessions. By using the service, you can easily integrate Kubios HRV and performance metrics into your training, sports or exercise application. Supported parameters include heart rate, respiration rate, energy expenditure, training intensity and volume (TRIMP), and HRV thresholds based on DFA-alpha1. Both instantaneous values and time spent at different zones are reported. In addition, detailed heart rate recovery analysis is supported. Visit product page for more information.

Heart rate variability and HRV thresholds

3) Kubios Team Readiness Data: In this service, a team based on your requirements is created and team members (athletes or research participants) can measure their readiness using the Kubios HRV mobile app. The readiness data is stored in Kubios cloud from where it can be easily accessed via API or delivered to you by Kubios. By using the service, you can easily integrate the readiness results into your team application or start collecting research data. Visit product page for more information.

Team readiness analytics

Benefits of choosing Kubios HRV analysis service

Proven accuracy: Kubios HRV algorithms are scientifically validated and are widely used by researchers and professionals around the world. The service includes our validated beat correction algorithm, trend removal algorithm to minimize the effect of slow heart rate changes on the short-term HRV analysis results, as well as automatic noise detection. 

Detailed analytics: Our philosophy is to offer the most detailed HRV analysis in the market. The readiness analytics provides detailed HRV analysis for short resting HRV measurements, including an individual readiness index. The sport and exercise analytics, on the other hand, provides detailed performance metrics and heart rate recovery. The analysis outputs are always based on scientifically validated HRV and performance parameters.  

Reliable and easy-to-integrate: Kubios is a Finnish software company with a strong scientific background. We are a growing company and our main focus is to constantly expand our HRV analysis product offering. Our analysis services run in  Amazon Web Services and a documented (RESTful) API is available upon request. By choosing Kubios, you will get a reliable long-term partner and state-of-the-art HRV analytics that scale to your requirements.

Please contact us for pricing and more information about any of the services.

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