Introducing Kubios HRV Scientific 4.0

Introducing Kubios HRV Scientific 4.0 - Heart rate variability analysis software
Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis software designed for scientific research and professional use.

Kubios HRV Scientific 4.0 (the next generation of Kubios HRV Premium) is a gold-standard HRV software, used roughly at 1800 universities in 149 countries. Kubios HRV is a scientifically validated software that has been used in over 5900 scientific publications.

Kubios HRV Scientific provides the most detailed HRV analysis on the market. The analysis features include:
– HRV analysis for specified time periods (analysis samples)
– HRV time trends (time-varying analysis) for longer term recordings
– Training analytics providing detailed information on cardiorespiratory function, training effect, metabolic rate and heart rate recovery (new feature)
– ECG waveform analysis (new feature)

Reliability and accuracy of Kubios HRV Scientific analytics are guaranteed by robust beat detection, noise handling and beat correction algorithms. Kubios HRV Scientific supports several third-party HR, ECG and PPG devices, also supporting small animal HRV data (new feature). In addition, the software supports measurements made with the Kubios HRV mobile app (new feature). The custom measurement mode of the Kubios HRV app offers an easy and cost-effective solution for recording scientifically valid HRV data. The app supports Bluetooth HR sensors providing beat-to-beat RR data, but when used together with Polar Sensors (H10 or Verity Sense) also raw ECG, PPG, and acceleration data can be recorded. Please note that you need a Kubios HRV Scientific license to store and access your custom measurement data.

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Kubios HRV mobile app custom measurement - Heart rate variability measurement
Kubios HRV mobile app

Kubios HRV Scientific supports Kubios HRV mobile app measurements. Once you have activated your Kubios HRV Scientific license, you will be able to store and access your Kubios HRV mobile app measurements.

Kubios HRV mobile app offers a cost-effective alternative for performing scientifically valid HRV recordings. When connected with Polar H10 sensor, Kubios HRV mobile app can record continuous RR interval, ECG, and accelerometer data. When analyzing your recordings in Kubios HRV Scientific, accurate HRV data can be extracted from the ECG and waveform analysis may also be applied for the ECG. The acceleration data can be visualized along with the HRV data, and thereby, used to guide your HRV analysis.

The Kubios Cloud Sync tool (available in Kubios HRV Scientific) offers seamless transfer of your Kubios HRV mobile app recordings to your computer, where you can then analyze your recordings.

Kubíos HRV training data analytics - Heart rate variability based performance
Training data analysis

Training data analytics provides detailed performance analytics and heart rate recovery for different types of training and exercise sessions.

Training data analysis features include:
– Heart rate (HR): Instantaneous values (at 5-sec intervals) and HR zones relative to person’s HR max or HR reserve
– Respiration rate (RESP): instantaneous values and zones in breaths/min
– Training intensity and volume (TRIMP): instantaneous values (TRIMP/min), intensity zones, and training load accumulation
– Ventilatory threshold (VT) estimate based on HR, RESP and DFA-alpha1: Instantaneous values and VT zones
– Oxygen uptake (VO2): Instantaneous values and zones in ml/kg/min
– Heart rate recovery (HRR): Automatic detection of recovery period and HRR at 60s, 120s and 300s increments as well as fast 30s HRR (T30)

Kubios HRV - Heart rate variability analysis for small animal data
Suitable also for small animal HRV analysis

Kubios HRV Scientific 4.0 is your tool also for the (small) animal HRV and ECG analytics. Kubios HRV Scientific 4.0 is a powerful and user-friendly tool intended for analysis of ECG data from a variety of species. Current version supports mice, rat and pig recording (more species available soon).

Kubios HRV software ECG waveform analysis
ECG waveform analysis

ECG waveform analysis is now available in Kubios HRV Scientific for human* and (small) animal ECG recordings. ECG analytics included a wide range of commonly used ECG waveform metrics such as QRS complex duration, QT and QTc interval times, and P, Q, R, S, and T wave amplitudes.

*Only for research purposes, not for clinical use

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