Kubios HRV Scientific 4.1 Now Available

About Kubios HRV Scientific

Kubios HRV Scientific is a full featured HRV analysis software for scientific research and professional use. The software supports Kubios HRV mobile app measurements and several third-party HR monitors, ECG and PPG devices.

The Gold-Standard HRV Software
Scientifically validated software, which is being used roughly at 1800 universities in 149 countries. The software has been used in over 5900 scientific publications.

For Researchers and Professionals
The most detailed HRV analysis on the market. Additional analysis features include ECG waveform, ANS function, and sports and exercise analytics.

Software Features
• Kubios HRV mobile app for custom HRV measurements
• Supports HR, ECG and PPG devices (list of supported devices)
• Accurate beat detection, noise detection, and beat correction
• Analyze your data at defined time intervals or perform time-varying analysis to assess HRV time trends
• Detailed HRV analysis with over 40 time-domain, frequency-domain, and nonlinear analysis parameters
• PNS and SNS indexes for assessing physiological stress
• Validated respiration rate (RESP) estimate
• ECG waveform analysis (QRS duration, QT and QTc times, etc.)
• ANS function analysis (Valsalva ratio, HR response to deep breathing, 30:15 ratio, etc.)
• Sports and exercise analytics (HR, RESP, TRIMP, ventilatory thresholds, VO2, and heart rate recovery)
• Detailed reporting options (CSV, PDF, MAT and “SPSS friendly” batch file exports).
• Suitable also for small animal HRV analysis

Kubios HRV Scientific with autonomic nervous system (ANS) function analysis

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What’s new in Kubios HRV Scientific 4.1

Heart rate (HR) response to deep breathing challenge

Analysis of autonomic nervous system (ANS) function

Detailed analysis for three standard ANS function tests: 1) Valsalva maneuver, 2) deep breathing, and 3) head-up tilt. Supported ANS function metrics include Valsalva ratio, heart rate and RR interval response to deep breathing (HR response, E-I, and E/I), resting HR, and 30:15 ratio for the head-up tilt. In addition various HRV metrics are reported for the deep breathing and head-up tilt challenge. The results can be saved in PDF and CSV formats.

Read more about the ANS function tests and their analysis.

Other new features and improvements

• Account manager. Edit your Kubios user account settings, join teams (if applicable), manage your licenses (activate a new license and view the status of your licenses), and change your password.
• Representation of time. The time displayed in the user interface and reports can be set to either the absolute clock time found in the file (default) or can be set to start from “00:00:00”.
• KDF support updated. Time synchronization between different data channels recorded using the Kubios HRV app and Polar sensors was improved.
• Minor updates to the FIT and custom text file support.
• Update notification feature added, to notify the user when a new release is available.

For more details, please see the Release notes.

Introducing Kubios HRV Scientific Lite

Kubios HRV Scientific Lite

Meet Kubios HRV Scientific Lite, formerly known as Kubios HRV Standard!

With this new version, you’ll have access to your Kubios HRV app readiness measurements in case you want to dive deeper into your own HRV. In addition, the new version is compatible with the latest macOS Sonoma.

While the Lite version is perfect to start your HRV exploration, you should understand that it has limited functionality (compared to the full version) and you may use it only for non-commercial purposes. When you’re ready for more powerful HRV analysis, upgrade to the full version – the market’s gold standard.

Start your HRV journey today with the FREE Lite version.

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