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Kubios HRV Team Readiness monitoring

Meet Kubios HRV Team Readiness – the cutting-edge heart rate variability (HRV) based readiness monitoring software.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Kubios HRV Team Readiness – the cutting-edge heart rate variability (HRV) based readiness monitoring software that’s here to revolutionize the way you coach and conduct research.

Tailored specifically for sports and wellness professionals working with athletes or individuals in various domains, this advanced tool is set to enhance your coaching strategies with precision and accuracy through insightful HRV data. Powered by the gold-standard HRV analysis of Kubios, it empowers you to optimize your team’s performance and overall well-being.

But that’s not all – Kubios HRV Team Readiness extends its impact beyond sports and wellness. It’s an invaluable asset for researchers, offering robust HRV data collection and analytics capabilities for comprehensive studies.

Take your coaching and research to the next level with Kubios HRV Team Readiness.

Kubios HRV Team Readiness software

Unlock enhanced team performance

Unlock enhanced team performance with Kubios HRV Team Readiness

Easy Team Setup and Management: Create teams and invite members to join, manage your teams and member roles.

Complimentary Kubios HRV Mobile App: Members can utilize the free app for daily readiness measurements and subjective feeling scoring (Bluetooth HR sensor required).

Validated Analytics: Assess members’ physiological readiness with the readiness index (0-100%), explore detailed HRV analytics, and benefit from a reliable respiratory rate estimate. Validated beat correction and baseline removal algorithms enhance data reliability.

Detailed Readiness Monitoring: Monitor the readiness of Individual members and the team as a whole, observe acute and chronic fatigue assessments, and track HRV trends for comprehensive stress and recovery insights.

For more information about Kubios HRV Team Readiness, visit the product page and checkout the User Guide.

Kubios HRV readiness monitoring

Endorsed by Experts

The Kubios HRV Team Readiness software is lauded as a game-changing, trustworthy solution for rapidly assessing physiological readiness in both athletes and non-athletes within a team, offering valuable support for coaches in training decision-making.

The Kubios HRV Team Readiness software has undergone rigorous testing and has received high endorsement from coaches, professors, and Ph.Ds in sports sciences. Their feedback highlights its potential to enhance team performance and readiness, as evidenced by the references below.

Riccardo Proietti

Riccardo Proietti, PhD

sport physiologist and strength/conditioning coach

This software, in which I’ve been actively involved in development, goes beyond conventional readiness monitoring, offering precise HRV analytic and detailed monitoring crucial for sports and wellness professionals. With my extensive background working with professional football players, clubs, national teams, and endurance athletes, Kubios HRV Team Readiness is a game changer, optimizing performance and providing unique insights into physiological readiness.

David Tinjust

David Tinjust, Ph.D.

CEO L47 and Head of technology intelligence FIFA Medical Center of Excellence, Dubai

Kubios Team Readiness is a must have! Assessment of the autonomic nervous system is crucial in modern professional sport, and Kubios Team Readiness is the most trustable solution for obtaining rapid measurements for an individual or an entire team. It is easy to use and provides crystal clear reports with insights on how the working load impacts athletes’ readiness. It is a meaningful source of information for coaches, medical staff and fitness coaches.

Marco Cardinale

Prof. Marco Cardinale

Executive Director of Research and Scientific Support, Aspetar, Qatar

Kubios HRV Team Readiness is an exciting new solution for coaches. The ability to easily monitor the resting HRV measurement of the entire team provides a great innovative solution for coaches. I Particularly like the user interface and the detailed graphs and reports the software generates.

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