Kubios HRV ver. 3.4 released

Version 3.4 of Kubios HRV Premium and Standard software has been released. Highlights of new features (*indicates features available only in the Premium version):

  • *ECG R-peak (and PPG pulse wave detection) editing tools updated
  • *Support for noise segments added
  • *Automatic beat correction algorithm improved
  • Custom text file import improved
  • *MIT file format support added
  • *HR deceleration capacity (DC) and acceleration capacity (AC) parameters added
  • *TRIMP and energy expenditure (EE) computations improved.

For more information see:
Release notes | HRV Standard brochure | HRV Premium brochure
New users: Go to Product page to order Kubios HRV
Premium users: Check License Maintenance
Download: Go to Download page to get the update


Kubios HRV Premium 3.4

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