New software products for HRV based recovery monitoring

Kubios Oy (a limited company based in Kuopio, Finland) has started a R&D project, where the company develops reliable and easy-to-use software products for monitoring physiological recovery. The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund and will be carried out between 1.1.2019-30.6.2020.

The software products to be developed consist of a mobile application and a desktop software. The mobile application will bring our heart rate variability (HRV) algorithms, used by scientists all over the world, to everybody for monitoring their own wellbeing. Kubios HRV App will have two modes of operation: 1) Recovery Measurement Mode for monitoring changes in your daily recovery status, and 2) Custom Measurement Mode designed for researchers, health and wellbeing professionals, and sport scientists for performing various types of HRV recordings. The desktop software will provide detailed recovery and training data analytics for individual athletes and coaches.

Kubios develops HRV analysis software products (Kubios HRV Standard and Premium) that have achieved gold-standard status in scientific research, used at roughly 1200 universities in 128 countries. Kubios HRV App uses the same HRV algorithms that are used in our desktop software. The main HRV parameters include the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) indexes, the computations of which have been optimized, using a large reservoir of scientific research results, to provide accurate interpretation of recovery and stress.

European Regional Development Fund
European Regional Development Fund

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