Update on Kubios HRV mobile application development
Kubios HRV App development is advancing. Currently, a group of beta testers are testing the app and giving us valuable feedback. The app will be released for iOS and Android during the first quarter of 2020. Kubios HRV App will have two modes of operation Read more…

Kubios HRV Analysis Service now available
We are happy to announce that Kubios HRV Analysis Service is now available for third party integrations. Contact us if you are interested in integrating Kubios HRV analysis, the gold-standard heart rate variability analysis algorithms validated in hundreds of scientific studies, into your own application. Read more…

Kubios HRV for macOS Catalina now available
An update to Kubios HRV Standard and Premium (ver. 3.3.1) compatible with macOS Catalina is now available for download. Please note that you also need to update the Matlab Runtime (MCR), which is also available at the download page.

Kubios HRV mobile application coming soon
We are happy to announce that we are developing a mobile application. The Kubios HRV App will bring our heart rate variability (HRV) algorithms, used by scientists all over the world, to everybody for monitoring their own wellbeing. Kubios HRV App will have two modes of operation Read more…

Kubios HRV version 3.3.1 released
Updates and improvements include 1) minor updates to FIT file support, including corrected conversion of FIT Laps to Kubios HRV event markers Read more…

Automatic artefact correction algorithm published
Automatic artefact correction algorithm available in Kubios HRV Premium was published in Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology Read more…

Kubios participated ECSS’2019 SportEx at Prague
Kubios participated ECSS (The European College of Sport Science) congress in Prague as an exhibitor at SportEx, the official congress exhibition of ECSS Read more…

Kubios HRV version 3.3 released
New features in Kubios HRV software include instantaneous energy expenditure (EE, kcal/min) and training intensity (TRIMP/min) estimates based on beat-to-beat heart rate Read more…

New software products for HRV based recovery monitoring
Kubios Oy (a limited company based in Kuopio, Finland) has started a R&D project, where the company develops reliable and easy-to-use software products for monitoring physiological recovery. The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund and will be carried out between 1.1.2019-30.6.2020. Read more…