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To get started with Kubios HRV software products, please visit our product pages from where you will find for each software product:

  • Link to software brochure and User’s Guide (if applicable). The User’s Guide for Kubios HRV Premium and Standard versions contains detailed information regarding installation of the software and how to use the software
  • Summary of software features
  • Screenshots and video tutorials
  • Technical specifications.

You may also want to join Kubios HRV forum (a Facebook group) to communicate with other Kubios HRV users.


Kubios HRV Premium/Standard

What is the difference between Kubios HRV standard and HRV Premium?

HRV Premium is our full-featured HRV analysis software designed for research and professional use, whereas Kubios HRV Standard is a freeware with limited features for personal non-commercial use only. HRV Standard computes standard HRV time-domain and frequency-domain analysis parameters and supports inter-beat-interval (IBI) data from HR monitors (Polar, Suunto and Garmin). HRV Premium is our full-featured HRV analysis software; including support for ECG and PPG data, direct access to your Polar Flow RR data, built-in beat detection, tools for handling noisy data, accurate beat correction, ECG derived respiration, extensive HRV analysis parameters, time-varying analysis options, automatic analysis sample generation, and more flexibility in exporting the results. Overall, the HRV Premium is better suited for scientific and other professional use where every detail counts. In addition, the graphs produced by the time-varying analysis options included in the Premium version make it easy to understand how your daily activities, stress and recovery effect HRV. For more details on the two versions see the Kubios HRV User’s Guide.

Supported operating systems?

Kubios HRV (ver. 3.5) runs in Windows (64-bit Win 7 SP1, 10 or 11) and Mac OS X (Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur). Kubios HRV was developed using MATLAB (The MathWorks, Inc.) and was compiled to a deployable standalone application with the Matlab Compiler. The MATLAB Runtime (MCR) is required for running Kubios HRV. The correct version of MCR is included in Windows and macOS installers (macOS installer downloads the MCR when necessary during the installation process). If you are using Linux, then you need to separately download and install also the MCR (download link is provided at download page) in order to be able to run Kubios HRV in your computer. The MCR is freely distributed along with Kubios HRV, and the same Runtime works with Standard and Premium versions of Kubios HRV software. System requirements for running Kubios HRV are similar to those of Matlab (see

What I need to do when upgrading from Standard to Premium version?

When you want to upgrade to our full-featured Premium version, you first need to purchase a license. Once you have a license key, you can download the Premium installer for your operating system and install it. Please note, that you don’t need to install the MATLAB Runtime when upgrading from latest Standard version, because the same Runtime is used by both versions. If you have used an earlier version of Kubios HRV Standard, you may need to update also the Matlab Runtime (Matlab Runtime installer is included in Windows and macOS installers).

What is the Kubios HRV Premium licensing model?

Kubios HRV Premium license is perpetual and the license price includes license maintenance for the first 1-year period. Thus, during the first year, the license entitles you to download all updates to the software, transfer the license to a new computer (one license transfer per year), and to receive technical support. After the 1-year period ends, you can choose to remain with the last version released in that period or to extend your license maintenance by purchasing a 1-year maintenance package (1-year maintenance costs 20% of the license price).

Why I can’t activate the latest version of Kubios HRV Premium?

In order to be able to update to the latest Kubios HRV Premium version, your license maintenance have to be up to date. You can check the maintenance status of your license and (if necessary) proceed to maintenance purchase here. In addition to latest updates, license maintenance entitles you to receive technical support and transfer the license to a new computer (one license transfer per year).

Does Kubios HRV Premium offer volume pricing?

Yes we do offer quantity discounts. If you purchase 2-4 licenses, you will get 10 % off. If you purchase 5 or more licenses, you will get 20 % off.

How many computers can I install Kubios HRV Premium on?

Kubios HRV Premium license allows you to install and use Kubios HRV Premium on one computer at a time. You must activate Kubios HRV Premium on the machine where you intend to use it. Although your license is tied to a single computer, the number of users on that computer is not limited.

Please note that you can transfer the license to a new computer when necessary (one license transfer per year), given that your license maintenance is up to date.

Can the Kubios HRV Premium license be transferred from one computer to another?

Yes it can! You can transfer the license from one computer to another once within the first year. After the first year, if you purchase our 1-year maintenance package, license transfers are continued (one license transfer per year).

The computer that Kubios HRV Premium was activated died/was replaced and I have no activations left, what now?

If you have run out of activations, contact our customer support at to request additional activations for your license key. Please include your license key and order ID in the email request (these can be found in your Order Confirmation emails).

How to install Kubios HRV on macOS?

Download and run the Kubios HRV installer for macOS from our download page. The installer will install Kubios HRV and the Matlab Runtime (NOTE: Matlab Runtime will be downloaded during the installation process only if it is not found from your computer) into separate folders under your Applications. To start Kubios HRV, you need to click the Kubios HRV application under the KubiosHRV# folder in your Applications. You can also find Kubios HRV application with Spotlight (click 🔍 on the upper-right corner of the menu bar or press Command+Space). NOTE: If you have an earlier version of Kubios HRV software installed in your Mac, we recommend that you uninstall the older version first (move the installed Kubios HRV and earlier version of Matlab Runtime to trash).

NOTE: If you are using a Mac with Apple Silicon processor, you need to install Rosetta (which enables Mac with Apple silicon to use apps built for a Mac with an Intel processor).

Kubios HRV fails to start and gives an error related to MCR?

Kubios HRV Stadard and Premium are developed using MATLAB and compiled to standalone application using Matlab Compiler. To be able to run Kubios HRV, you must have the correct version of MATLAB Runtime (MCR) installed on your computer. Kubios HRV installers nowadays typically include the MCR installation. You can find the latests installers from our download page.

Kubios HRV seems to take ages to start?

Kubios HRV Standard and Premium are developed using MATLAB (MathWorks Inc.) and requires the installation of the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR). The MCR is a standalone set of shared libraries that enables the execution of compiled MATLAB applications. Starting of the MCR takes roughly the same time as starting MATLAB. This can be anything from 5 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the speed of your computer.

“RR data not available” in files exported from Polar Flow

Polar Flow export function available in Kubios HRV Premium (ver. 3.2 or higher) gives you access to RR (inter-beat interval) data from all Polar Flow compatible Polar watches when using them with H6, H7 or H10 heart rate sensor. NOTE: Measurements made using the Polar Beat app do not include RR data when exported from Flow. Also, when using wrist-HR measurement of your watch or the optical OH1 sensor, RR data is not available from Flow.

Regarding the Polar Flow export you should also remember that

  1. Only measurements made after linking your Polar Flow with Kubios HRV Premium are accessible
  2. You can export each measurement only once, thus remember to make backup copies of the exported files.

“RR data not available” in FIT-files generated by Garmin

In Garmin watches, you may need to enable HRV recording in order to automatically have HRV (beat-to-beat RR interval) data in the FIT-files. In some Garmin models you can turn HRV recording on from the device menu (check user manual). Otherwise, you can turn HRV recording on manually by following the instructions given here.

Kubios HRV mobile app

Cannot connect to my HR sensor

If you are not able to connect your Bluetooth HR sensor with the Kubios HRV app, please try the following steps:

  • Make sure that you have allowed Kubios HRV app to use Location and that Location services are turned on in your phone. 
  • If you are using a chest strap HR sensor, make sure to wear the strap around your chest to turn the sensor on. Moisten the electrodes if necessary.
  • Make sure that the HR sensor is not connected to any other device or app. The sensor can be paired with several devices or apps at the same time, but typically the sensor can communicate only with one device or app at a time. 
  • Unpair the HR sensor from your phone’s Bluetooth devices by going to Bluetooth connectivity, select your HR sensor (under paired devices) and choose Unpair. Open Kubios HRV app and try connecting to the sensor again.
  • Clear Bluetooth cache. Go to Settings, Apps, select Bluetooth (you may need to choose Show System Processes), Storage and Clear cache. 

NOTE:  Kubios HRV app supports only Bluetooth (BLE) HR sensors, which measure and transmit beat-to-beat RR intervals to your phone. For example Apple watch and ANT+ sensors are not supported.

Which HR sensors are compatible with Kubios HRV app?

Kubios HRV app supports Bluetooth low energy (BLE) HR sensors, which measure and transmit beat-to-beat RR intervals to your phone. Since there are many HR sensors available in the market, we can not test them all and provide a complete list of compatible sensors. But you are welcome to check if your HR sensor can be connected to Kubios HRV app, even if it is not listed below.

In general, for accurate HRV analysis we recommend a chest strap HR sensor, which measures the electrical activity of the heart (i.e. electrocardiogram or ECG) and extracts RR interval values from it. Optical sensors, which are able to measure interbeat interval (IBI) data e.g. from the arm or finger, are convenient to use but their accuracy is not optimal. The beat detection inaccuracy in optical sensors is typically within ±5 ms, which may produce as high as  ±10 % errors in HRV parameters.

Recommended HR sensors:

  • Polar H10 is a chest strap HR monitor which measures the electrical activity of the heart and provides reliable and accurate RR interval values. If you are using the Custom measurement feature, you will also have access to the raw ECG waveform and acceleration data from this sensor. 
  • Polar OH1 is an optical armband HR sensor, which transmits IBI data to Kubios HRV app. If you are using the Custom measurement feature, you will also have access to the raw PPG waveform and acceleration data from this sensor. 

Other compatible HR sensors:

  • Polar H7 (chest strap)
  • CorSense by EliteHRV (optical sensor)
  • Suunto Smart Belt (chest strap)
  • Wahoo TICKR (chest strap)

Please note that Kubios HRV app does not at this time support ANT+ sensors. 

Apple watch is not supported. Even though Apple advertises that the watch measures HRV, we cannot support the Apple watch because it does not transmit (in real time) RR intervals to third party applications.

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