Team Readiness Data

Kubios cloud services also offer access to team readiness data. In this service, a team based on your requirements is created and team members (athletes or research participants) can measure their readiness using the Kubios HRV mobile app. The readiness data is stored in the Kubios cloud from where it can be easily accessed via API or delivered to you by Kubios. By using the service, you can easily integrate the readiness results into your team application or start collecting research data.

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About Kubios Team Readiness Data Access

  • Team creation: In order to start collecting team readiness data, a team based on your requirements and a team Invite Key are created.  Hiding of the readiness results from team members is supported.
  • Readiness measurements: Team members (who have joined the team with the Invite Key) perform readiness measurements using the Kubios HRV mobile app. The app is free for the team members, but each member needs a compatible Bluetooth HR sensor.
  • Gold-standard HRV analysis: The readiness measurements are analyzed with scientifically validated (see publications) Kubios HRV algorithms, which are widely used by researchers and professionals around the world.
  • Accurate pre-processing: Readiness measurements are preprocessed using our validated beat correction algorithm (97% accuracy in detecting ectopic beats). Measurements are also detrended to minimize the effect of slow heart rate changes on the short-term HRV analysis results.
  • Detailed HRV analysis: Readiness analysis results include
      • Individual Readiness index
      • Parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) indexes to assess changes in recovery and stress
      • Time-domain HRV parameters including Mean RR, SDNN and RMSSD
      •  Frequency-domain HRV parameters including LF and HF powers in absolute and normalized units and LF/HF ratio
      • Nonlinear HRV parameters including Poincaré plot SD1 and SD2 values
      • Respiratory rate estimate using a validated algorithm.
  • Reliable and easy-to-integrate: Kubios cloud runs in Amazon Web Services, where the readiness data is also stored. Readiness data can be easily accessed by using a documented (RESTful) API (documentation is available upon request) or Kubios can deliver the data to you.  
Kubios HRV Analysis Service

Please contact us for pricing and more information about the service.