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Kubios HRV Standard
HRV Standard
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(A perpetual license for non-commercial personal use.)

HRV analysis software for personal use:
  • Supports HR monitor data
  • Standard HRV analysis
  • CSV and PDF reports
Kubios HRV Premium
HRV Premium
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(A perpetual license including 12 months license maintenance. One license allows you to install and use Kubios HRV Premium on one computer. License maintenance includes access to software updates, license transfers — 1 per year, and technical support.)

Full-featured HRV analysis software for research and professional use:
  • Supports ECG, PPG and HR monitor data
  • Built-in QRS and pulse wave detectors
  • Automatic artefact correction algorithm
  • Automatic analysis sample generation
  • Detailed HRV analysis including ECG derived respiration and time-varying analysis
  • CSV, PDF, MAT and “SPSS friendly” batch file exports

License Maintenance (12-months)
77$ or 68€ (VAT 0%)  —   Check and Buy Maintenance Now
(License maintenance for the first 12-months is included in the license price. If you want to continue using Kubios HRV Premium after the 12-months period, you should purchase our maintenance package. Please note that you can purchase maintenance for more than one year by changing the quantity in order form.)

License maintenance includes:
  • Access to software updates
  • License transfers (1 per year)
  • Technical support

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HRV Premium (JUCA, Inc.)
HRV Premium