About Kubios

Kubios Oy was founded in 2016 in Kuopio, Finland as a spin-off company from University of Eastern Finland. We are a software company with a strong scientific background.  We develop software products for heart rate variability (HRV) analysis. Kubios HRV software provides detailed HRV analysis and has achieved gold-standard status in scientific research.

Our Story

Even though we didn’t know it then, the story of Kubios started in 1999 when Mika Tarvainen and Perttu Ranta-aho started their PhD thesis work at the Department of Applied Physics. We started to work on a project where we needed to develop analysis methods and software tools for processing different physiological and neurophysiological signals in order to assess psychophysiological stress and recovery. In 2001, Juha-Pekka Niskanen joined the research team and soon after we had developed the very first version of a HRV analysis software. In 2002, we decided to publish the software to let other researchers also use it in their studies. In 2008, Jukka Lipponen joined the team and started working on ECG signal analysis methods.

Looking back, the four of us built a great team. We all studied medical physics at the Department of Applied Physics and during the years we learnt a lot about mathematics, signal analysis, estimation theory, time series modeling and human physiology. Some of us were also gifted with exceptional programming skills. We were active in research and published altogether 100 peer-reviewed articles related to HRV. At the same time, we continued the development of Kubios HRV software. During 2015, we realized that our software already had a lot of users and we were not always able to take good care of them nor did we have time to develop the software as much as we would have wanted to. For these reasons we decided to found a company (Kubios Oy) in 2016, we wanted to continue the story of Kubios HRV software.

After founding the company, we have managed to take Kubios HRV software to a new level. Nowadays we are happy to provide the most detailed HRV analysis in the market to our customers. By constantly improving our product offering we want to offer the best possible HRV software solutions for researchers as well as health, wellbeing and human performance professionals around the world. With the release of Kubios HRV mobile application, we want to bring our HRV algorithms, used by scientists all over the world, to everybody for monitoring their own wellbeing.

Our mission

We work persistently to provide scientifically validated and detailed analysis software for heart rate variability. Kubios HRV software products have been originally designed for scientific research and professional use, and they are widely used by researchers as well as health, wellbeing and human performance professionals around the world. Our strategy is to develop device independent software products to enable people to utilize their existing measurement devices for HRV assessment, to make the software accessible for anybody who wants to use HRV analysis to study the cardiovascular system or to evaluate the effect of stress and recovery.

Mika Tarvainen

Mika Tarvainen, PhD (CEO and one of the founders of Kubios Oy) giving a lecture on heart rate variability and its use in understanding human characteristics at SEANES 2018 conference, Bangkok, Thailand.