The use of Software requires your registration.

Upon the use of Software, Kubios may collect information (such as name, address, email and phone number) that may be connected to your user account. The purpose of Kubios is not to collect any other personal user information than those necessary for maintaining user accounts and invoicing (if any).

Personal data shall be used for maintaining user accounts. Kubios shall not transfer any information to third parties unless made anonymous and respects personal data rights in relation to applicable legislation.

Kubios shall not collect and the use of Software shall not cause Kubios to receive the data uploaded to the Software by the user or results thereof.

Kubios shall use the information only to purposes of providing users information on Software, updates, amended terms, new applications or other communication in relation to the use and development of Software.

Kubios shall have a right to use non-personal data related to the use of Software for marketing purposes. Kubios shall have a right to use personal data such as email address for digital marketing and update purposes of Kubios directed only to you. You may cancel the right to digital marketing at any time by contacting our customer support.

The Software may use cookies and similar technologies. Any information collected based on such measures shall be deemed as non-personal data.