Sport and Exercise Analytics

The sport and exercise analysis service offers detailed performance analytics and heart rate recovery for different types of training or exercise sessions. By using the service, you can easily integrate Kubios HRV and performance metrics into your training, sports or exercise application.

About Kubios Sport and Exercise Analysis Service

  • Gold-standard HRV analysis: Kubios HRV algorithms are scientifically validated (see publications) and are widely used by researchers and professionals around the world.
  • Input data: Supports IBI or RR interval data recordings, which are expected to comprise an entire exercise or training session and the following recovery period. In addition, subject information (gender, age, weight, height, rest HR and max HR) is required. 
  • Accurate pre-processing: The service includes pre-processing algorithms for signal quality detection and beat correction. Noisy RR data segments are automatically detected and their influence on analytics is prevented. HRV data is also detrended to minimize the effect of slowly changing heart rate baseline on the short-term HRV analysis results.
  • Detailed training and recovery analytics:
    • Heart rate (HR): Instantaneous values (at 5-sec intervals) and HR zones relative to person’s max HR 
    • Respiratory rate (RESP): Instantaneous values in breaths/min and RESP zones 
    • Energy expenditure (EE): Instantaneous values in kcal/min and cumulative EE 
    •  Training intensity (TRIMP): Instantaneous training intensity (TRIMP/min), intensity zones, and training volume (cumulative TRIMP) 
    • Heart rate variability (HRV): Instantaneous values of RMSSD in msec and RMSSD zones 
    • HRV thresholds based on DFA-alpha1: Instantaneous values of DFA-alpha1 and DFA-alpha1 zones (thresholds at 0.5 and 0.75) 
    • Heart rate recovery (HRR): Automatic detection of recovery period and HRR increments (60s, 120s and 300s) as well as fast HRR (30s recovery).
  • Reliable and easy-to-integrate: The service runs in Amazon Web Services and a documented (RESTful) API is available upon request.
Kubios HRV Analysis Service

Please contact us for pricing and more information about the service.