Kubios HRV Premium Maintenance

Kubios HRV Premium license is perpetual, which means that for the first year the license entitles you to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. In addition, you can transfer the license from one computer to another once within the first year. If you want to continue using Kubios HRV Premium after the first year, you should purchase our maintenance package, which gives you access to all updates, technical support and license transfers (1 per year) for the next 1-year period. The 1-year maintenance package costs 20% of the license price, i.e. 77 USD or 68 EUR (for European customers) excluding taxes.

Please note that the maintenance fees will apply retroactively from the last payment. This means that if your maintenance has expired over one year ago, you need to purchase more than one year of maintenance to have access to latest update.

To purchase maintenance for your license, simply use the below form to check the maintenance status of your license and then proceed to maintenance purchase. You can find your License Key from the email, which was sent to you after the license purchase.