Polar Flow Linking Success

Successfully linked Kubios HRV with Polar Flow

Congratulations! Your Polar Flow account is now linked with Kubios HRV and you can start exporting your Polar Flow training data directly from Kubios HRV.

Here’s how to get started
  • Select “Polar Flow Export” from the Tools menu in Kubios HRV.
  • Choose the folder in which you want the training sessions to be downloaded.
  • Click the “Export Training Data” -button to start downloading.
  • The available new training sessions are downloaded to the selected folder as FIT format files.
Additional notes


Please note that there are some restrictions to what training sessions are available for download.

  • Only new training sessions are available for download. This means that:
    • Training sessions uploaded into Polar Flow before linking your account with Kubios HRV are not available for download.
    • Training sessions that you have downloaded from Kubios HRV are not available for download again.
  • If you do not have new measurements uploaded to Polar Flow, you will receive a notification ”No new training data available in Polar Flow”.

In addition, only training data containing RR interval data can be opened in Kubios HRV.

  • RR interval data is available when
    • using a chest strap (Polar H6, H7 or H10) together with a Polar watch to record heart rate.
  • RR interval data is NOT available when
    • measuring heart rate from wrist (wrist-based HR)
    • using the optical Polar OH1 armband
    • measuring heart rate with Polar Beat mobile app.

Signing out and unlinking

You can unlink Kubios HRV from your Polar Flow account at any time. However, you should do this only if you do not anymore need to access your training data in Kubios HRV. If you want to temporarily disable the access to your Polar Flow account from Kubios HRV, you can Sign Out from your account instead. In this case, you are required to sign in again the next time you want to export data from Polar Flow, but all your latest training data are still accessible through the Polar Flow link.