Supported devices

About Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurement

For accurate HRV measurement, we recommend using either a good quality chest strap heart rate (HR) monitor or an electrocardiogram (ECG) device. Validated HR monitors, such as the Polar H10 and Movesense, record 1-lead ECG via a chest strap and provide accuracy similar to ECG devices. Holter ECG devices such as the Bittium Faros are optimal for long-term measurements. When using an ECG recording device, you can verify abnormal beats and possible arrhythmia episodes from the ECG waveform data.

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is another method for measuring HRV. PPG is commonly used in wrist-worn devices that measure heart rate through the skin. However, PPG monitoring is sensitive to motion artifacts, and beat detection accuracy is lower compared to ECG. Additionally, not all PPG measuring devices provide Inter-Beat Interval (IBI) data, which is required for HRV analysis. For example commonly used sport watches and activity trackers (Fitbit. Garmin, Polar, etc.) provide only average HR data. Therefore, we recommend using a chest strap HR monitor or ECG device for more accurate HRV measurement.

Supported measurement devices

Kubios HRV software products are designed to work with a range of HR monitors, ECG devices, and PPG monitors. A detailed list of supported devices is provided below. If your device is not included, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will work with you to find out if your device can be supported.

Kubios HRV Scientific – supported devices

Kubios HRV Scientific is a comprehensive HRV analysis software designed for scientific research and professional use. The software supports measurements from the Kubios HRV mobile app, as well as several third-party ECG devices, HR monitors, and PPG devices.

Kubios HRV app
Kubios HRV app (Android & iOS app, requires an external sensor)ECG, RRI, PPG, PPI, markersKDF
ECG devices
ABPMpro with ECG leads (SOMNOmedics)ECG, markers (+Acc)EDF
Actiheart 5 (CamNtech)ECG, RRI (+Acc)EDF
Bittium Faros 180 or 360 (Bittium)ECG, RRI, markers (+Acc)EDF
Biopac products with ECG module (Biopac Systems)ECGACQ3
Cortium C3+ (Cortrium)ECG, markers (+Acc)EDF
GE CardioSoft and CASE systems (GE Healthcare)ECGCardiology XML
Hexoskin Smart Garments (Hexoskin)ECG, RRIEDF, CSV
Kardia (AliveCor, requires converter available here)ECGEDF
Mindfield MindMaster (Mindfield Biosystems)ECGEDF
Movesense sensor + Movesense Showcase app (Movesense)ECG, RRICSV
Shimmer ECG (Shimmer Sensing)ECGCSV
Zephyr Performance Systems (Medtronic)ECG, RRICSV
HR monitors
Firstbeat Bodyguard 3 (Firstbeat Technologies)RRICSV
Garmin HR monitors (Garmin, *requires watch + sensor, enable log HRV setting from the watch)RRIFIT
Mindfield eSense Pulse (Mindfield Biosystems)RRICSV
Polar HR monitors (Polar Electro, *requires watch + sensor, see how to export HRV data)RRICSV, FIT
Suunto HR monitors (Suunto, *requires watch + sensor)RRICSV, FIT
PPG devices (recommended for resting measurements only)
Empatica E4 (Empatica, see how to analyze E4 data)PPG, PPICSV
emWave (HeartMath)PPICSV
Rhythm24 + Rhythm Sync iPhone app (Scosche)PPICSV, FIT
Shimmer PPG systems (Shimmer Sensing)PPGCSV

Data types: Electrocardiogram (ECG), time intervals between successive ECG R-waves (RRI), photoplethysmogram (PPG), pulse-to-pulse intervals (PPI), + Supportive data channels; File formats: European data format (EDF), Kubios data format (KDF); *Make sure that the model you choose supports beat-to-beat data.

Kubios HRV app – supported sensors

The Kubios HRV app is a mobile application that must be paired with an external HR sensor capable of recording beat-to-beat data. The app utilizes the Polar SDK, which provides additional raw data when used with Polar sensors. The following sensors are supported.

Recommended HR sensors
Polar H10 (Polar Electro)ECG, RRI, markers (+Acc)chest strap
Polar Verity Sense (Polar Electro)PPG, PPI, markers (+Acc)optical armband
Movesense (Movesense)RRIchest strap
Other compatible sensors
Mindfield eSense Pulse (Mindfield Biosystems)RRIchest strap
Rhythm24 (Scosche, turn on HRV mode in Rhythm Sync iOS app)PPIoptical armband
Suunto Smart Sensor (Suunto)RRIchest strap
Wahoo TICKR (Wahoo Fitness)RRIchest strap
ANT+ sensors are not supported
Apple watch is not supported (even though Apple advertises that the watch measures HRV, we cannot support it because it does not transmit in real-time RR intervals to third party applications)

Data types: Electrocardiogram (ECG), time intervals between successive ECG R-waves (RRI), photoplethysmogram (PPG), pulse-to-pulse intervals (PPI), + Supportive data channels.